Little G & Family in Downtown Brooklyn | Family Photographer NYC

I'm still way behind on blogging, but I've decided to share some new work. This recent session jumped the queue--I kinda couldn't help myself, probably because it celebrates not only an awesome family, but also a neighborhood where I've lived for past 5 years. Little G was unbelievably cute, and I had so much fun spending an early evening with him and his parents in our shared neighborhood (DoBro, as the realtors call it...and probably no one else). This is one of two family photo sessions I recently did here in Downtown Brooklyn, and I'll share the other soon--pretty decent place for a photoshoot, amiright?

An Afternoon in Cadman Plaza Park

I think it's appropriate that this blog's first photo collage should feature someone who is both my favorite and my toughest subject. Favorite, because she's my daughter. Toughest, because her fascination with mommy's camera wore off long ago, and now she does her best to run the other way whenever I point a lens in her direction. Nevertheless, I think we managed to capture some gems this weekend in Downtown Brooklyn.