Big Brother-to-Be | Northern NJ Family & Maternity Photography

Fall is such a busy season for family photography that I rarely have time to share work--but sometimes a session comes along that's so special, I just have to press pause and post. This North Jersey family maternity session was already a recipe for perfection: gorgeous mom, amazing home, adorable kid...but this awesome family of three-and-a-half ALSO brought the most important ingredients of all: a willingness to laugh with me (and at me!) and just relax and trust me a bit as we explored their home and neighborhood together. I can't wait to return to photograph their new baby--which should be any day now! Best of luck, mama. <3

Litte E & Family in Brooklyn Heights | NYC Family Photography

It's been a busy season--and a busy year! My family and I recently moved to a suburb outside the city, and I'm now photographing throughout Northern NJ as well as NYC. Happily I've had plenty of excuses to spend time in the city, like this adorable session below, as most of my fall sessions have been in Brooklyn and Manhattan. I'll continue to schedule sessions in both New York and New Jersey, and hopefully someday I'll have time to share more of the beautiful families I've been lucky enough to photograph this year (and last). In the meantime, here's a look at an early fall session in Brooklyn Heights, where we started at home then ventured outside together. A happy baby, relaxed parents, gorgeous light--sometimes everything just goes right.

Little G & Family in Downtown Brooklyn | Family Photographer NYC

I'm still way behind on blogging, but I've decided to share some new work. This recent session jumped the queue--I kinda couldn't help myself, probably because it celebrates not only an awesome family, but also a neighborhood where I've lived for past 5 years. Little G was unbelievably cute, and I had so much fun spending an early evening with him and his parents in our shared neighborhood (DoBro, as the realtors call it...and probably no one else). This is one of two family photo sessions I recently did here in Downtown Brooklyn, and I'll share the other soon--pretty decent place for a photoshoot, amiright?